Badalov UK Limited was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating a greener and more environmentally sustainable approach to supplying food packaging throughout the UK and Europe. Based in the UK we manufacture SOS paper bags and carrier bags with flat handle as well as offering a service for printing onto our paper bags. We are acutely aware of the financial pressures and constraints that consumers are experiencing in the current climate. We are however, proud of our ability to continually produce outstanding environmentally green products at a down to earth price.


Our vision is straightforward – to be a leading business with the highest ethical standards, that delivers exceptional value for our customers. Badalov UK Limited aims to be the best-performing packaging group in Europe and, as such, recognises the need to integrate sound principles governing safety, business conduct, social, environmental and economic activities into business practices and decision-making. We aim to create solutions for our customers’ success, delivering exceptional value in a sustainable way.

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Today more than ever people are concerned about the impact packaging has on the environment. For a package to be truly sustainable it must provide optimal performance in all its different functions, such as protection, branding, product safety and recyclability without compromising its environmental effects.

Badalov UK Limited has been established with the vision of creating a greener and more environmentally sustainable approach to the manufacturing of polystyrene boxes and recyclable paper bags.

By defining and expanding the standards of a more environmentally sustainable production process we are committed in doing our part for a greener future.

We produce a wide range of recyclable and bio-degradable environmentally friendly paper bags and packaging products. All materials produced by Badalov UK Ltd are both recyclable and energy recoverable.


All our paper products are bio-degradable and


Biodegradable Paper Bags are an excellent way to help control the amount of damage that your business does to the environment. Our bags are designed to dissolve when exposed to the elements. “We continually seek to improve performance by self-regulation, minimising our impact on the environment on both a local and global scale.”